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Jeremy Messersmith



Nerd chic.

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Marrying Into Fashion

My wife, Vanessa (owner of Blacklist Vintage), shops for me. She brings home awesome stuff from the store, and I get first dibs. Sometimes I'll see something in the dryer and take it.

Favorite Stores (Besides Blacklist)

BlackBlue, Rewind, H&M, American Apparel

On Shopping

I actually enjoy it. When we're in other cities, my wife and I will hit the vintage stores. I found some gray-blue Italian dress shoes for $20. I've accumulated more shoes than I ever thought I would need.

Signature Specs

They're vintage frames from Visionary in Uptown.

Crowd Critics

I wore a brooch on my lapel once and got heckled on stage. I still think it's cool.

On Messersmith:

Shirt and pants by Raul Osorio, vintage jacket and loafers.

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