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Elijah Shaw

CEO, Icon Services Corp. (Providing executive protection for Usher, Diana Ross, Chris Rock, Naomi Campbell, and more)


Post-urban. Man of Fire meets Inception.

Dress Code

Most of my workday not only takes place in a suit, but I'm often surrounded by people who really know how to wear one. I never want to embarrass my clients.

Style Gurus

I've been able to observe and work alongside some of the top stylists in the entertainment industry, such as Daria Hines and Dawn Haynes. Celebrities pay them big bucks for fashion consultation, so I'd be crazy not to pick up a tip or two.

Local Resources

I value the opinions of Keith Dorsett (Elsworth), Sarah Ramsay (J. Hilburn), and Macy's guru Percelle Gregory.

Favorite Designers

Giorgio Armani for classic lines that will never go out of style; Chrome Hearts for edgy fashion and accessories; A Bathing Ape sneakers for the big kid in me.


When I'm not working, I accessorize with necklaces and bracelets. With that said, I hope to lean more avant-garde than gaudy. Who needs a chunky bracelet when a couple of thick rubber bands will do?


I got my first tattoo as a birthday present to myself 15 years ago, and I've gotten one every year since.


I'm away from Minnesota 80 percent of the time; out of the country half the year. I use Tumi and Victorinox because it gets beat up.

On Shaw:

T-shirt by American Apparel, cargo pants by Michael Kors, sneakers by BAPE, shades by Dita.

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