Men Of Style

These guys got game.

Frank Vascellaro

Anchor, WCCO-TV Evening News


Classic with some flashes of trendy.

Shopping Team

Wife (and co-anchor) Amelia Santanielo, Todd Fliginger at Neiman Marcus, Percelle Gregory at Macy's, and Brad Sherman at Hubert White. Guys who want to look sharp but have some doubts should find an expert to help.

The Suits

I'm in a suit and tie 60 hours a week. I like the fit and feel of European brands: Roberto Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna.


Shoes. Cheap shoes can ruin a great look. I also need to have first-rate ties for work. People make an instant judgment every night when they see them.

Closet Space

I probably own 400 ties. Only 100 are in style.

Viewer Feedback

Around Father's Day and Christmas I get a lot of questions, mostly from women, about where I got that tie. Men will ask who cuts my hair. It's Justin Iovinella at Fellas. He's a great guy and knows hair!

Shopping For Amelia

One time I bought her a great dress in the Oval Room. She said "good try" and returned it. I learned my lesson: Don't buy clothes for Amelia.

On Vascellaro:

Shirt by Robert Graham, jeans by Rock & Republic, boots by John Varvatos.

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