Men Of Style

These guys got game.

Photos by Steve Henke; Styling by Liz Doyle

It's not all hockey jerseys and baggy jeans in the twin cities. These fashionable fellas are raising the bar for men's style. They've cultivated looks all their own–or been savvy enough to enlist help. Either way, we like what we see.

Wes Johnson
Guard/Forward, Minnesota Timberwolves

Style: "Smooth, preppy, and fun."

Growth spurt: "In 10th grade I grew from 5’8” to 6’2.” I’m 6’8” now."

Top honors: Voted best dressed at the NBA draft 2010. "My brother-in-law designed my suit."

First post-draft purchase: A Range Rover

Playing fashion advisor: "Sebastian Telfair [Timberwolves teammate] and I like to dress up. The other guys will ask us, 'Does this look right?' They need help."

Style icons: "Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony‐I watch what they wear. But I ask my brother and brother-in-law for advice".

Well suited: "I have 12 suits now."

Off the rack: "A lot of Ralph Lauren fits me off the rack. I shop anywhere—Club Monaco, Macy’s, Mall of America—I can always find something: jeans, belts, shoes."

Favorite designers: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Ferragamo.

Favorite local shopping area: Southdale and the Galleria.

On the court: "I like my shorts a little long and my jersey fitted."

On Johnson: Sweater by Abercrombie & Fitch, shirt and shoes by Ralph Lauren, bow tie by Brooks Brothers, jeans by Raleigh.

Frank Vascellaro
Anchor, WCCO-TV Evening News

Style: Classic with some flashes of trendy.

Shopping Team: Wife (and co-anchor) Amelia Santanielo, Todd Fliginger at Neiman Marcus, Percelle Gregory at Macy's, and Brad Sherman at Hubert White. Guys who want to look sharp but have some doubts should find an expert to help.

The Suits: "I'm in a suit and tie 60 hours a week. I like the fit and feel of European brands: Roberto Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna."

Splurge: "Shoes. Cheap shoes can ruin a great look. I also need to have first-rate ties for work. People make an instant judgment every night when they see them."

Closet Space: I probably own 400 ties. Only 100 are in style.

Viewer Feedback: "Around Father's Day and Christmas I get a lot of questions, mostly from women, about where I got that tie. Men will ask who cuts my hair. It's Justin Iovinella at Fellas. He's a great guy and knows hair!"

Shopping For Amelia: "One time I bought her a great dress in the Oval Room. She said 'good try and returned it. I learned my lesson: Don't buy clothes for Amelia."

On Vascellaro: Shirt by Robert Graham, jeans by Rock & Republic, boots by John Varvatos.

Denny Kemp
Hairstylist and entrepreneur

Style: "I try not to define my personal style. I just wear what I want and let people figure it out for themselves."

Style Inspiration: Books, magazines, and movies

Favorite Stores: Neiman Marcus and Burberry. "Todd at Neimans can find almost anything. Chris at Burberry has also helped me find what I am looking for."

Favorite Designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Bailey, Hedi Slimane.

Grooming Essentials: Shu Uemura Oil Essence Absolue, Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, and Dermalogica multivitamin thermafoliant.

Haircuts: "My personal stylist is Justin, but most of the time I cut my own hair in the bathroom at home."

On Kemp: Shirt by Prada, vest by Dolce & Gabbana, jacket by Cintage, pants by J. Lindeberg, boots by A Diciannoveventitre.

Tom Wicka
Executive Vice President/Chief Marketing officer, IWCO Direct

Style: Eclectic. "I like to push dress pieces with very casual accents."

Work Dress: "Business casual most of the time. With the right sport coat and tie, you have more freedom to wear jeans."

Style Advice: "It's all my wife, Angela. I buy my own clothes, as I am a little wacky about it. I get it right about 75 percent of the time."

Favorite Stores: Neiman Marcus (with Todd Fliginger), martinpatrick3. "We should all try to support local, small shops."

Favorite Designers: Isaia, Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford for dress up; G Star, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Fred Perry for casual.

Custom: "Clothes should fit–you've got to pay attention to that. I have shirts made by [Minneapolis custom designer] Carole Bruns."

Accessorizing: "Rock a scarf. Although it's becoming too mainstream."

On Wicka: Jacket by Prada, T-shirt by John Varvatos, jeans and belt by G-Star, boots by Timberland, scarf by Rag & Bone.

Elijah Shaw
CEO, Icon Services Corp. (Providing executive protection for Usher, Diana Ross, Chris Rock, Naomi Campbell, and more)

Style: Post-urban. Man of Fire meets Inception.

Dress Code: "Most of my workday not only takes place in a suit, but I'm often surrounded by people who really know how to wear one. I never want to embarrass my clients."

Style Gurus: "I've been able to observe and work alongside some of the top stylists in the entertainment industry, such as Daria Hines and Dawn Haynes. Celebrities pay them big bucks for fashion consultation, so I'd be crazy not to pick up a tip or two."

Local Resources: "I value the opinions of Keith Dorsett (Elsworth), Sarah Ramsay (J. Hilburn), and Macy's guru Percelle Gregory."

Favorite Designers: "Giorgio Armani for classic lines that will never go out of style; Chrome Hearts for edgy fashion and accessories; A Bathing Ape sneakers for the big kid in me."

Jewelry: "When I'm not working, I accessorize with necklaces and bracelets. With that said, I hope to lean more avant-garde than gaudy. Who needs a chunky bracelet when a couple of thick rubber bands will do?"

Ink: "I got my first tattoo as a birthday present to myself 15 years ago, and I've gotten one every year since."

Luggage: "I'm away from Minnesota 80 percent of the time; out of the country half the year. I use Tumi and Victorinox because it gets beat up."

On Shaw: T-shirt by American Apparel, cargo pants by Michael Kors, sneakers by BAPE, shades by Dita.

Jeremy Messersmith

Style: Nerd chic.

Online Fashion Resource:

Marrying Into Fashion: "My wife, Vanessa (owner of Blacklist Vintage), shops for me. She brings home awesome stuff from the store, and I get first dibs. Sometimes I'll see something in the dryer and take it."

Favorite Stores: (Besides Blacklist): BlackBlue, Rewind, H&M, American Apparel

On Shopping: "I actually enjoy it. When we're in other cities, my wife and I will hit the vintage stores. I found some gray-blue Italian dress shoes for $20. I've accumulated more shoes than I ever thought I would need."

Signature Specs: Vintage frames from Visionary in Uptown.

Crowd Critics: "I wore a brooch on my lapel once and got heckled on stage. I still think it's cool."

On Messersmith: Shirt and pants by Raul Osorio, vintage jacket and loafers.