This new spot is a sweet retreat for an afternoon of perusing cards.

Consider it a stationery sanctuary. The newly opened Mara-Mi boutique—complete with a coffee shop, ice cream freezer, and in-house design studio—offers paper aficionados a place to browse endless assortments of cards, stationery, organizers, and gifts. But what makes this boutique unique is not just its charming location on the banks of the St. Croix River in Stillwater, but its long and storied past.

Mara-Mi began more than 30 years ago over a glass of lemonade. Two friends, Marilyn Rothschild and Mimi Fisher, came up with an idea to create personal stationery for their friends and family. Their notion blossomed into a thriving lifestyle stationery company that was eventually purchased by Stillwater-based Gartner Studios in 2008.

The new boutique honors what Mara-Mi excelled at for decades—social stationery—with a new and modern twist. “This brand is playful and lively, so we’re going back to its roots with a more urban feel,” says creative director Chris Plantan. You’ll find brightly colored walls and a smattering of orange and yellow furniture mixed with classic, comical, and creative cards and gifts. “So much of what Mara-Mi stands for are the little celebrations in our lives: the everyday occasions that aren’t necessarily marked in a calendar,” says Plantan. For anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, even the not-so-special occasions, Mara-Mi has it all—and then some. 

201 S. Main St., Stillwater, 651-439-7148,