Louis Vuitton

The legendary luxury brand opens in the Galleria and reminds us that style is about more than what's in season.

For true fashion lovers, walking into the new Louis Vuitton at Edina’s Galleria is like an art enthusiast walking into the Louvre—the store is full of history, the collections are created by artisans, and each piece gets better with time. Like a museum, this isn’t a place you just pop into for a minute. Rather, you will find yourself slowly taking in the whole collection before circling back to your favorite pieces.

At the entrance, you’re greeted with an anthology of signature Louis Vuitton luggage—a passport to timeless style, given that Parisian craftsmen began designing these suitcases in 1854 and they are still just as chic today. In fact, not much has changed over the last century: Vuitton’s iconic brown and beige Damier canvas and monogram canvas—the Mona Lisas of the fashion world, introduced in 1888 and 1896, respectively—continue to be Vuitton’s most popular patterns. Some things never go out of style.

In addition to the classics, there’s a well-curated collection of men’s accessories (messenger bags, briefcases, wallets, and ties); a beautiful palette of women’s sunglasses, scarves, and Lucite bangles; au courant handbags such as the Antheia embroidered lambskin hobo or new Epi tote; and the pop art collection of Cosmic Blossom, a playful collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami.

After you take it all in, head back to your favorite pieces. Surely there is something that set your heart aflutter. Galleria, 952-920-8000,


Things We Like...


Cosmic Blossom PM tote in Violet ($1,230).


Conspiration Pilote sunglasses ($530 each).


Monogram Canvas Pegase 45 luggage ($2,100).