Winter Luxuries

  • Haircalf small zip case, by GiGi New York, from Grand Frames
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    I can’t stop touching these chic pouches, available in several rich colors. Haircalf small zip case ($85), medium ($145), by GiGi New York, from Grand Frames on Excelsior, 4617 Excelsior Blvd., Mpls., 952-303-3411,
  • Sparkle gloves by Kinross, from dugo
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    They’re not only made of the softest cashmere, but tastefully bedazzled for extra oomph. Sparkle gloves ($130), by Kinross, also from dugo
  • Slippers by Chilote Shoes
    Hand knit by Chileans with wool from free-range Patagonian sheep, these cozy slippers conform to the wearer’s foot. Slippers ($40; $44 for baby slippers with leather on bottom), by Chilote Shoes, from Walker Shop, 1750 Hennepin Ave., Mpls., 612-375-7633,
  • Bracelets by Ronald Pineau
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    These leather double wraps have that every day wearability with the extra pizazz that comes with shiny stones. Bracelets ($325 each), by Ronald Pineau, also from Pumpz & Company
  • Ski vest, by Moncler, from Melly
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    Whether or not you participate in winter sports is inconsequential. You’ll look fabulous, and stay warm in this stylish puffer—especially in winter white. Ski vest ($525), by Moncler, from Melly, Galleria, 952-929-9252,
  • Suede Slippers by Tory Burch from Pumpz & Co.
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    Suede slippers ($150), by Tory Burch, from Pumpz & Company, Galleria, 952-926-2252,
  • Silk pillowcase, by Beauty Sleep 101, from Room No. 3
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    Those sleep lines from cotton pillowcases take longer to disappear as we age, and eventually turn into wrinkles. Sleeping on silk will counter wrinkles, and preserve your hair. Made in Minnesota. Silk pillowcase ($89 per pillowcase), by Beauty Sleep 101, from Room No. 3, 4948 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-746-3003,
  • Beanie pomster by Mischa Lampert from Pumpz & Co.
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    Remember when we used to fight Mom about wearing a hat? This one is all grown up with fur trim, hand knit in New York. Beanie pomster ($165), by Mischa Lampert, also from Pumpz & Company
  • Cashmere long cardigan by 360 Cashmere
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    The sweater you will live in, at home and out. Cashmere long cardigan ($364), by 360 Cashmere, from Room No. 3, 4948 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-746-3003,
  • Sweatshirt by MODERNSAINTS
    Leather sleeves elevate this sweatshirt into a piece that will make you feel put together—even cool—in public. Sweatshirt ($245), by MODERNSAINTS, from Kindred at D.NOLO, 219 N. 2nd St., Mpls., 612-916-7895,
  • Fox collar from dugo
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    The shock of electric blue makes it as modern as it glamorous. Fox collar ($150), from dugo, Galleria, 952-746-4440,
  • Bracelet by Rosanna Contadin
    Photo by Becca Sabot
    This sculptural bracelet is a conversation starter for sure, made of neoprene, and hand washable! Bracelet ($68), by Rosanna Contadini, from Gallery 360, 3011 W. 50th St., Mpls., 612-925-2400,

Perks of Minnesota living: It’s easy to justify cashmere and leather. I want to cozy up—and wrap my loved ones—in tactile indulgences: chunky knits, fur, and calf hair.

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