Geek Out

Geekiness is no trend . . . it’s a state of mind.

  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Visionary — We’re always trying to get Mom to stop wearing her glasses on a chain. The necklace version is a whimsical compromise. Necklace ($16.95), from Patina
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Dorky is Cool — Wait long enough and even the square jacket your dad used to wear becomes classic cool. Tank jacket ($325), by Woolrich John Rich & Bros., from Askov Finlayson
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Tie One On — The bow tie is back in favor and has more personality than ever. For a true geek-chic look, wear one with a blazer and shorts. Seriously. Bow tie ($65), by Carrot & Gibbs, from Twill
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Got Baggage — Appropriate for toting serious reading material—and glasses, of course. Nerd tote ($20), by Seltzer Goods, from Mara-Mi
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Drink Up And Prosper — It doesn’t get any geekier than Star Trek . . . and that’s probably why we’re seeing collector’s items everywhere. Glass set ($18.95), from Patina
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    The Storyteller — Developed for the State Department and used by government officials, this heavyweight aluminum pen is for matters of substance. (And it even comes in a nifty tube.) Embassy pen ($75), by County Comm, from Askov Finlayson
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Geek Girl — The local technology gurus behind the Geek Girls Guide website inspired this new frame from a Minneapolis company, available in three colors. Reading glasses ($75), by Eyebobs, from Judith McGrann & Friends
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Future Techie — If only everything in life could be managed with a click. Infant bodysuit ($22), by Red Snapper, from Pacifier
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Watch It — High-tech functionality meets of-the-moment style (and color!) in this super-slick digital watch. Zub Zot watch ($120), by Nooka, from Walker Shop
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Seeing Is Believing — Call it four-eyed pride—all of the sales associates at InVision in St. Paul ordered this dress. Frames and Fortune dress ($244.99), from

Geekiness is no trend. It’s a state of mind. And since the kid in your high school class who wore the too-thick spectacles and funny little bow ties is now a Silicon Valley tycoon, the look has gained appeal. From dresses to digital watches, we’re charmed by some of the latest nods to geek chic.

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