This store does its happening neighborhood proud.

Photo By Wing Ta of Canary Grey

The bar is set intimidatingly high for store design when you’re across the street from MartinPatrick 3. But D.NOLO, which stands for Destination: North Loop, does its happening neighborhood proud. Raw and spare, with concrete floors and soaring ceilings, D.NOLO is the perfect setting for a fashion-forward women’s boutique. Owner Veronica Clark’s philosophy: better to have a few amazing pieces than a closet crammed with throwaways. But Clark is leaving room for other points of view: She plans to run D.NOLO as a cooperative and bring in retailers such as 50th & France boutique Bumbershute. Lingerie shop Room No. 3, another Edina boutique, is in talks to sign on. 219 N. 2nd St., Mpls., 612-584-3244,