We’re Lovin’: Selfies on Steroids

Waku Waku Photostickers is a tween dream.


Waku Waku Photostickers is a tween dream: a store devoted to taking pictures of yourself with friends and turning them into photo stickers that can be digitally decorated with glitter, hearts, stars, words, and enough special effects to make Instagram defensive. The photo sticker phenomenon called Purikura is big in Japan, and now it’s at Eden Prairie Center, thanks to Chris Armacost, a former General Mills marketing exec who spent much of his time while living in Tokyo waiting for his daughters to make photo stickers at street-corner arcades. Hoping to spark the next Silly Bandz–level frenzy, Armacost is bringing Purikura to the suburban mall. Waku Waku has five machines, each with different features. It’s $10 per sticker sheet; parties start at $150. Figure on about 15 minutes for pictures and decorating—depending on how crazy you go with the sparkles. wakuwakuphoto.com