The Twins Suit Up

Talk about a major-league makeover. Kevin Correia and Brian Dozier get suited by another set of stylish twins.

Kevin Correia and Brian Dozier on the MN Twins' Target Field
Photo by Steven Henke

There’s a saying around the front office at Target Field: “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, you get paid good.” And so the Minnesota Twins have stepped up their off-field appearance in the past year, requiring players to wear dress clothes on travel days. (No one wants to get shown up by the Yankees before a game.)

Twins pitcher Kevin Correia, who still owns a suit purchased for him by retired relief pitcher Armando Benitez, recently took young slugger Brian Dozier to get measured for bespoke suits from a couple of actual Minnesota twins: Danny and Kenny King of King Brothers Clothiers. For Dozier, this was a big upgrade from his off-the-rack JCPenney suit. Correia, the veteran, was ready for more pattern and color—“without looking too much like a ’70s couch.” Talk about a major-league makeover. Custom suits start at $895.