Life by Design

These Twin Citians all share a love of fine craftmanship.

Life by Design
Photographs by Jake Armour
Built for 2 Twin Cities collectors John Oliva and Nancy Krant have this Tom Oliphant-designed chair at their beach house in Connecticut.

Time Is On Her Side
Sally Wheaton Hushcha is an interior designer, so she spends a great deal of time navigating antique stores, consignment shops, furniture outlets, art shows, and other places to meet the needs of her clients. But when it comes to defining her own sense of style, she prefers simple, elegant handcrafted items that have a sense of history and tradition but also bear the artist’s distinctive stamp. In the photo above she is wearing a two-tone gray-and-black scarf ($325) made by Amy Nguyen and a pair of Petra Class gold dangle earrings with blue tanzanite ($4,000). In her hand is a porcelain “Whorling” bowl made by Wisconsin artist Sandra Byers, who gets her inspiration from shapes in nature, particularly flowers and seashells.

Wisconsin artist Sandra Byers works magic with porcelain, often by mimicking nature.