Like their look? Braun and Mitchell offer home design services.

  • Photo by Stephanie Colgan
    Adam Braun and Daisy Mitchell
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    BROOKLYNrehab salt and pepper shakers, $24 for set
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Deer hunter terrarium, $40
  • Photograph by Becca Sabot
    Roost bark votives, $8–$16
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Roost lantern, $56

Daisy Mitchell and Adam Braun got to be friends while working for an educational nonprofit. They shared humor, a fondness for cheesy ’80s music, and a love of eclectic, organic design. They wanted to collaborate on something creative. That’s Honeyshine, a thoughtfully curated gift and home store in Bryn Mawr.

What’s your dynamic?
Mitchell: He’s super anal and focused on little details and perfectionism. I’m a big idea person.
Braun: She’s a visionary when it comes to seeing the store. She has a great artistic eye. I’m the executer.

The store is constantly changing—do you always agree on design decisions?
It was Daisy’s idea to do book pages on the wall. I didn’t like it at first, but once it was up I thought it was great. When I was away for a weekend, she painted a wall red. I was like, we’ve got to talk—I’m not feeling it. We did a chalk wall instead.
Mitchell: Adam and I work in such a collaborative way that we rarely have conflicts. We know how to have difficult conversations and have worked hard to build a culture of trust and respect—it’s critical to any creative endeavor. We collaborate on all the big ideas and trust each other to take care of the other parts of the business. And now that I know Adam doesn’t like red or pink, I can avoid the red wall situation!

What would you gift your partner from the store?
Whatever isn’t selling. Or something from PATCH NYC. Adam is friends with Don and John, the founders, and they make super-cool products.
Braun: A Honeyshine design consultation gift certificate for her garage. I’m pretty sure there are mammals in there that haven’t been discovered by science. Oh, you said from our inventory . . . I’d give her a set of our Bryn Mawr pint glasses—that’s her design on them!

How might we find you goofing off at the store?
Our free time in the store is divided between sitting around making fun of ourselves and daydreaming about ways we can grow our brand worldwide when we win the lottery, all while listening to ’80s music.
Braun: A small business without pressing business matters? OK, I’ll play along. Pizza from Fast Freddie’s, loud music—usually bad ’80s—and figuring out what our next window display will be. I’m pushing for a “live” window where Daisy stands motionless in a Victorian dress and jumps out at customers when they walk in.
Mitchell: Victorian? Really? How am I supposed to leap out at anyone in a corset, bustle, and 50-pound dress? Now if we were talking about a Star Trek window where we could both wear shiny unitards with boots and carry phasers, I’d totally be on board. Except the standing still part. I never stand still.

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