Getting Styled by the Pros: Tad


On Tad:

Jacket ($298), by Kroon, Protégé jeans ($225), by AG, suede belt ($70), by Brave, all from Len Druskin, Galleria, 952-927-7923,
Linen shirt ($128.50) and pocket square ($28.50), both from Hammer Made, Galleria, 952-681-2534,
Suede penny loafers ($188), from Cole Haan, Galleria, 952-920-9377,
Horn-rimmed glasses ($995), by Lunor, from InVision, Galleria, 952-920-5458,

Tad’s Experience:

I will openly admit that, in general, I’m that guy: I’ve had the same haircut since I was 16; I wear only one kind of jeans, Levi’s 501 relaxed cut; my wife dresses me for work; and in the eternal battle between style and comfort, I have never once chosen style.

The trouble is, I am the arts and entertainment editor for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, so when I attend various functions around town, people expect me to be arty and entertaining. They are often disappointed.

So as you can imagine, when I was offered the chance to “upgrade” my professional wardrobe from comfort-seeking office guy to fashionable, artsy editor guy, I refused.

But eventually the higher-ups persuaded me to meet with Rhonda Ruhland, and my reluctance turned to garden-variety dread. Like many men, I get nauseous after more than 15 minutes in a clothing store, so the thought of spending an afternoon with a “stylist” was quite terrifying.

Rhonda assured me that I was merely a man. “Two-hundred-dollar jeans are probably the best investment you could make,” she advised. After the paramedics revived me, I realized she was serious.

Rhonda loaded me with shirts, pants, and jackets to try on. None of it was stuff I’d choose myself, which meant that she was on the right track. When it was all over, everyone seemed to agree that the clothes Rhonda chose were a vast improvement over my usual garb.

I have no choice but to believe them.

About Rhonda Ruhland:


An industry veteran, Ruhland is the trend expert for Galleria in Edina. She also has her own company called Retail Consultants. With new clients, Ruhland usually does “a little diagnostic work” on the phone and likes to spend some time in their closet to organize and determine what is needed. Cost: $75 an hour with a two-hour minimum.

Rhonda's Tips
  • Get rid of zip-off pants. Men need a good straight-leg jean in a great color blue. No flare leg or holes all over.
  • When you haven’t shopped in a long time, start with basics that are just a little step over the edge. Like a khaki blazer that you can wear with jeans or dress pants.
  • Lose the white tube socks. They weigh you down. Going sockless adds a sexy but subtle summer feel.
  • Pay attention to the details, like a colorful pocket square and a great pair of glasses.
  • You can find great basics and trend pieces anywhere—you’ll be amazed by what’s on the racks at JCPenney.

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