Getting Styled by the Pros: Melinda


On Melinda:

Jacket ($389), from Desigual, Mall of America, 952-854-9603,
Dress ($34.95) and ring ($5.95), from H&M, Mall of America, 952-858-8888,
Heels ($99.95), by Enzo Angiolini, from Nordstrom, Mall of America, 952-883-2121,

Melinda’s Experience:

I’m a senior editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. I have plenty of practical, colorful work clothes, but for parties, opening nights, and other evening events, I’d like to wear something a little more fabulous than just a simple dress.

My secret obsession with opulence was formed during the extravagant 1980s in New York. My first job was at Giorgio Armani, where I learned to appreciate exquisite fabrics and fine tailoring. I even had a wardrobe allowance, so I had a closet full of narrow gabardine skirts, luscious silk shirts, and important jackets with big shoulders.

Those days are long gone, but I still love an amazing jacket made of luxurious fabric and finished with beautiful detailing, preferably priced to fit a working woman’s budget.

Sara Rogers was a high fashion model during the 1980s, so as soon as I said I loved Armani, Etro, Christian Lacroix, and Emanual Ungaro, she immediately understood my taste. We started at Desigual at Mall of America, where some of the patterns remind me of Etro. When Sara showed me this jacket from their Cirque du Soleil collection, I loved it. We bought a simple navy blue dress and a hot pink baroque ring at H&M, and then we found sky-high purple patent heels at Nordstrom that are exactly the same color as the buttons on the jacket.

The outfit is a little more over the top than my usual style, but that’s what I wanted. Sara is wise, kind, and fun, and she made me feel fabulous.

About Sara Rogers


A model turned trend specialist for the Mall of America, Rogers recently became the first Twin Cities stylist listed at, a national network co-created by Stacy London of What Not to Wear. Rogers offers one-on-one consults on body type and color palette. She is available to edit and organize closets and to take clients shopping.Cost: $150 an hour.

Sara's Tips
  • If you are a woman of a certain age and have concerns about being too trendy, wear one exclamation/statement piece and keep everything else classic.
  • Size does matter when wearing prints, so choose a scale that works for your frame. If the print is too big, it can overwhelm your body. If it’s too small, it can make you look bigger.
  • Don’t get too matchy-matchy. For example: Melinda and I found glitter shoes that matched the glitter detail on the Desigual coat perfectly, but they distracted from the impact of the coat. Mixing it up displays creativity and style, and wearing a complementary accessory allows others to appreciate the beauty of the individual pieces.
  • Wear colors next to your face that complement your complexion. The right colors can illuminate your skin, hair, or eyes and make you look younger and fresher.

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