Five Minutes with Stefan Dahlkvist

Dahlkvist is co-founder and designer of Moods of Norway, new to Mall of America.

Moods of Norway, fall/winter collection.

Stefan Dahlkvist is co-founder and designer of Moods of Norway, which brings its chic yet cheeky style to Mall of America with a new store opening this month. MOA is Moods’ third U.S. store, and it’s the first between Los Angeles and New York. The international brand has a menswear focus, but it does offer fashion for women (Gwen Stefani is among its celebrity fans). —A. K.

You had us at Norway, but you’re not exactly churning out classic fishermen sweaters. Moods of Norway is a premium Norwegian lifestyle brand and offers its own version of the traditional Norwegian sweaters. We were marketing students in Hawaii when we founded the company in 2003. We wanted to be the first Norwegian fashion company—show people we’re not just a country focused on oil and fish. Norway is becoming much more known for music, architecture, and fashion. How do you think your pink velvet suit will play with Minnesota men? The brand has already been selling well at martinpatrick3. We know that Minneapolis is one of the art capitals in the U.S., and we truly believe our contemporary fashion designs will look well on any local who wishes to step up his wardrobe and make a fun statement. We’re somewhere between Ted Baker and Ben Sherman—and more affordable than Etro. Your suit jackets are embroidered with, “Made with love by really pretty blonde girls.” Care to explain? People outside Norway believe that Norwegians are 100 percent blond. It made a lot of sense for us to play with that stereotype. Speaking of stereotypes, got any Freia Milk Chocolate? We do love to provide some pure Norwegian experiences. We sell Freia in our stores and Toro waffle mix as well!