On Friday nights, you’ll find Dwyer and Basham across the street at Bachelor Farmer—”not talking about work.”

  • Photo by Stephanie Colgan
    Sarah Dwyer and Michael Basham
  • L’Agence dress, $575
  • Rogan shirt, $235, and jeans, $260
  • Surface to Air shearling vest, $1,395, and marble print blouse, $315

Their North Loop boutique opened earlier this year, but partners Sarah Dwyer and Michael Basham are hardly newcomers. The close pals worked together for 15 years at Intoto, long a designer fashion resource in Uptown. When it closed, they immediately started planning their own store, which caters to the same luxury clientele but with a more casual approach to fashion and an emphasis on lines for women and men you won’t find elsewhere in town.


What are you excited about for fall fashion?
Basham: We are excited to be bringing in men’s lines that step away from the heritage trend that has had its time.
Dwyer: We are feeling the colors white and oxblood red. We are loving leather, geometric prints, substantial knits.


Do you do the buying together?
Dwyer: I direct the women’s and Michael directs the men’s, but we agree on everything.
Basham: We know what our clients want/need. So I think if you did a test and put us in separate rooms filled with the same clothes, we would pick out 95 percent of the same items.


What would you gift your partner from the store?
Basham: Surface to Air Kim Gordon Boots or a Jerome Dreyfuss black bag. They are the perfect balance of fashion and usefulness.
Dwyer: I would buy Michael a Paul Smith blazer or a pair of Common Project leather sneakers.


How might we find you goofing off at the store?
There’s no time to goof off . . . but I do love searching for midcentury items on eBay.
Dwyer: Michael does not goof off. Ever. I hate to say, but I play Words with Friends.


Best thing about running a store with a friend?
Dwyer: Can’t imagine doing it another way.
Basham: It doesn’t feel like work.

121 N. 1st St., Mpls., 612-339-1663

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