Fashionopolis: Where to Find the Looks

Your guide to getting the looks featured at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's fall fashion show, Fashionopolis.

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Fashionopolis
Photo by Caitlin Abrams
Segment One: The Creative
1. Full-length print dress by Jean Paul Gaultier, from Macy’s Oval Room; Fur from Melly; Necklace by Gretchen Ventura
2. Print coat by Clover Canyon from Arafina; Vintage dress from GH2
3. Print pants by Cynthia Rae and cape, from Showroom; Blouse by Megan Park, from Grethen House
4. Men’s plaid jacket and pants by Moods of Norway, from Motto; Plaid shirt, from Hammer Made; suit; Sweater by Ariato, from Minq
5. Blue lace dress by Shoshana, from Melly; Sparkly bag, Grethen House
6. Embellished jacket, by Valentino, and ballgown, from Mona Williams
7. Strapless floral print dress by Marissa Bridges, from Showroom; Fur coat by Antique Batik, from Arrow
8. Pink coat with chinchilla trim by Tulleh, from Mona Williams; Print dress by Cynthia Rae, from Showroom; Necklace by Via Patina
9. Fur coat by Antique Batik, from Mona Williams; Purple dress by Yigal Azrouel from Grethen House
10. Orange coat by Armani from Macy’s Oval Room; Skirt from Showroom; Shirt from Minq
11. Knee-length print dress by Clover Canyon, from OPM; Green puffer by Weekend by Max Mara, from Macy’s Oval Room
12. Gold finished long leather top by Boundary, from Motto; Skirt by Petit Pois from Minq
13. Print ball gown by Emma Berg, from Motto

Segment Two: The Fashion Groupie

1. Long sweater vest by Linda Richards, from Melly; Long brown print cowl neck sweater by Scapa, from Minq; Brown houndstooth brown pants by Cut 25, from Grethen House
2. Men’s camouflage jacket and pants by Athletic Recon, shirt by Stone Island, and scarf, all from Motto; Oversized oxblood leather bag, from Grethen House
3. Brown leather jacket by June, and hooded dress, from Maha! Boutique; Scarf from Grethen House
4. Neoprene green dress by A.L.C., from OPM
5. Plaid jacket by Barbour, from Melly; Military green top by Ramy Brook, from Arafina; Jeans by J Brand, from OPM; Parachute boots, by Rick Owens, from GH2
6. Print top by Clover Canyon, red fur trim jacket by Canada Goose, coat, green leggings, all from OPM
7. Plaid red blazer by Reese & Riley, green and blue plaid pants by Theory, both from Arafina;  Purple top by Cut 25, from Grethen House; Blue riding hat, from Arrow
8. Magenta skinny pants by Henry & Belle, from Maha! Boutique, Floral coat by Cocoon, from Showroom; Oxblood blouse by Red 23, from Arafina
9. Dyed silk dress by Kjurek, from Showroom; Oversized cross necklace, from Mona Williams; Hunter green shearling coat by Nigel Preston, from Grethen House
10. Green leather dress by Carven, from Grethen House; Red puffer by Tulle, from Minq
11. Oxblood dress by Maria Cornejo, from Grethen House; Black and gray Persian lamb vest by Donna Mizani, from Motto
12. Plaid coat by Veronica Beard, from Grethen House; Black/brown/white print dress by Beatrice, from Motto

Segment Three: The Collector

*All reptile jewelry in this segment, from Showroom

1. Silver sequin long dress by Bill Blass from Mona Williams; Jewelry by Gretchen Ventura
2. Floor length silk crepe dress by Nicolle Miller, from Arafina; Jacket by Issey Miyake, from Macy’s Oval Room; Belt from OPM
3. Gray/beige coat with ruffled collar, by Elie Tahari, Crewneck sweater by Marc Jacobs, cream corduroy leggings by Hue, all from Macy’s
4. Stretch lace sweater dress by Raquel Allegra, from Grethen House; Sweater from Maha! Boutique
5. Sleeveless cowl neck sweater by Scapa, from Minq; Shearling coat by Nigel Preston, from Grethen House; Viscose marbled print pants by Dagmar, from OPM
6. Marbled print sleeveless dress by Dagmar, from OPM; Scarf from Melly; Leather sleeves from Grethen House
7. Coat, from Joynoelle; Sweater, from Maha! Boutique; Pencil skirt by Beatrice, from Motto
8. Light gray sleeveless dress by Helmut Lang, from Arafina; Gray shirt by Petit Pois, from Grethen House
9. Origami-style gray jacket and skirt by Issey Miyake, from Macy’s Oval Room
10. Fringed long off-white skirt, from Joynoelle; Gray print blouse by Dolan, from Arafina
11. Bronze silk dress by Peter Cohen, and sleeves, from Grethen House

Segment Four: The Fashion Player

1. Blue above-the-knee dress with black trim by French Connection, from Macy’s; Leather moto jacket, by Yigal Azrouel, from Grethen House
2. Cobalt blue blouse by MIH and print pants by Clover Canyon, from Arafina
3. Men’s blue shirt, from Hammer Made; Blue plaid pants by Moods of Norway, from Minq; Vest by Moods of Norway, from Motto; Horizontal stripe jacket and bag by Woolrich, from Arrow
3. Polka dot dress by Sweet Lola Lu, from Showroom
4. Blue lace long sleeve dress by Diane Von Furstenberg, from OPM; Blazer by Juicy Couture, from Melly
5. Shiny blue puffer by Stella McCartney for Adidas; Black leather and navy pants by Yigal Azrouel, from Grethen House; Gray scarf, from Arafina
6. Blue sleeveless knit dress by Missoni, from Macy’s Oval Room; Bejeweled jacket by Christian Lacroix, from Mona Williams
7. Chunky cardigan by O’Second and peplum top by Veronica, from Grethen House; Navy and silver stripe skirt by Ungaro, from Mona Williams
8. Cobalt blue floor length gown by Nicole Miller, from Arafina; Pink and blue statement necklace by Megan Park, from Grethen House
9. Purple sweater by Duffy, from Arrow; Windowpane print pants by Nanette Lepore, from Arafina; Studded jacket with pleather sleeves by Dex, from Minq
10. Blue threaded fur sweater by L’Agence, from Arrow; Blue/gray corduroys by Seafarer, from Macy’s Oval Room
11. Blue knee-length dress by Emma Berg, from Motto

Segment Five: Statement

1. Geometric black and white maxi dress by Bar III, from Macy’s, Hooded fur vest by Yigal Azrouel, from Grethen House; Necklace by SBG Designs
2. Black and white dress by St. John, from Macy’s Oval Room
3. Geometric coat by Marlene Burger, black and white striped top by Cut 25, leather pants by Yigal Azrouel, from Grethen House,
4. Black and white houndstooth cape by Cut 25, black and grey stripe fur vest, from Grethen House; Black and white striped pants by Wayne, from Arrow; black top with mesh neckline by A.L.C., from OPM
5. Black leather dress by Julian Chang, from Minq; White puffer by Canada Goose, from OPM
6. Black and white striped dress by Laundry, from Minq; Leather vest by Wayne, from Arrow
7. Black leopard sweater, from Motto; Velvet leggings by L’Agence, from Arrow
8. White and black lace pants, from Joynoelle; White t-shirt with black type, by Marc Jacobs, from Macy’s Oval Room; Leather jacket by June, from Maha! Boutique
9. Snakeskin print pants by Calvin Klein, from Macy’s Oval Room; Houndstooth and leather trim sport coat, by Greylin, from Maha! Boutique
10. Black and white print dress by Clover Canyon, from OPM; White long sleeve top by Petit Pois, from Grethen House
11. Unisex fur coat, by L’Agence, men’s black wool trousers, from Arrow
12. Fox fur coat by Yigal Azrouel, from Grethen House; Dress, from Joynoelle
13. Red dress by Jean Paul Gaultier dress, from Macy’s Oval