Yoga Samba

This new female-only class includes meditation, stretching, sculpting, and even dancing.

Guinea Pig: Melissa Colgan

The Class: Created by Brazilian native Luciana Freire, Yoga Samba is a female-only class that combines aspects of yoga, such as meditation and asanas (yoga poses), with samba, a Brazilian form of dance that involves the body, mind, and soul. Classes start with guided meditation and a girl power pep talk before moving into asanas, stretching, and a bit of weight-free sculpting (your abs, arms, bum, and thighs will definitely burn). And just when you think class is coming to an end, Freire starts blasting traditional Brazilian samba music and everyone sheds their inhibitions and dances around the room.

Our Take: Don’t let the words yoga or samba deter you; previous experience is not needed to complete (and have a lot of fun in) this class. It’s perfect for those who feel like certain yoga classes around town have turned into a competition; all you need to do is bring an open mind.

Small Print: $20 per class. Extrados Salon & Spa, 4279 Sheridan Ave., Mpls., 612-920-0051,