Women vs. Winter

From the mouths of pros: How to keep your hair and skin looking fresh all season long.

    Aveda products remain a high-quality home hair care solution to fight winter damaging.
    Dr. Beth Hagberg of the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic recommends Skin Polisher by SkinMedica.
    Dr. Hagberg also recommends Clarisonic electronic brushes for exfoliation.


Jon Charles, Jon Charles Salon

Owner of two Twin Cities salons, Jon Charles is something of an oracle for women who care about hair. He favors a classic, timeless brand of beauty—no purple hair, no asymmetrical chops. He helps women achieve soft, touchable locks to meet the miserable weather.

How women can keep their hair looking great despite the unfriendly weather: Here’s the deal—everything changes when you turn on your furnace. So you have to go with a mask—a deeper conditioning mask—for your hair. And there’s a terminology with shampooing that isn’t articulated well: When you buy your best pair of jeans—your $300 jeans—do you wash them every time you wear them? No, because you want the fiber to last. Same with your hair. You should shampoo only once or twice per week. But with a shampoo-conditioning mask, you can do it every day.

Masks he suggests: The product lines I use right now are Kérastase, Orbe, and Bumble and Bumble. I definitely recommend the masks from Kérastase and Orbe—they will change your hair. $60 at Jon Charles Salon
Other absolutes for hair-care arsenals: You should definitely get a good blow dryer. We use Elchim, and they last for ten years. And if they break, we can fix them for seven dollars. Then you need one or two boar bristle brushes—they’re called Euroshine. They actually pull moisture through the hair. Blow dryer, $150; Euroshine brushes, $36-$44
What about fine, limp hair that goes dead in the dry air: Try Crème for Style by Orbe. I have the finest hair in the world. I put half a dime-size worth of Crème for Style in my hair, and it makes it thick. It doesn’t weigh it down. It doesn’t dry it out. It’s one of the best products ever! $30 at Jon Charles Salon
Hot new products for thick, curly hair that gets super dry this time of year: Try Elixir Ultine by Kérastase, which has spinosa oil. It’s a step up from Moroccan Oil. It’s from Tunisia and Morocco. It’s also called Argan in Italy. It’s an unbelievable miracle product. It can take a thick head of Greek curly hair and straighten it. I think true beauty is classic; it’s nothing weird or funky. I like to use stuff that’s been proven forever.  You could have gone to a fair in Israel 2,000 years ago and you would have seen spinosa oil. Women were using it on their hair; they were also using boar bristle brushes—Cleopatra had one! $24 at Jon Charles Salon

Dr. Beth Hagberg, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Trained as a family practice physician, Dr. Beth Hagberg switched to cosmetic dermatology about eight years ago. Along with her husband Dr. Mark Hagberg, she now owns the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina, where she spends her days fighting acne, wrinkles, redness, even dry skin.
On changing your skin regimen for winter: Especially in Minnesota when we turn up the heat, we tend to get drier skin that doesn’t exfoliate very well. So doing more exfoliating in the winter is good. That way, when you’re doing hydration, the moisture will penetrate where it needs to go—it doesn’t sit on top the dead skin. 
Exfoliators she likes: I like a product called Skin Polisher by SkinMedica. The Clarisonic electronic brushes are also nice. I recommend them to all my patients, no matter what kind of skin they have, but I use them most for those with acne. It’s an excellent product for cleansing the skin, getting off that superficial layer of dead, dry skin. Skin Polisher by SkinMedica, $40; Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems, $119-$225
How to fight seasonal flakiness: What I really recommend is getting a chemical peel every 4 to 6 weeks. With our light chemical peels, there’s no down time. You won’t get red. You won’t peel. But your makeup will go on so much better, so much smoother. 30- or 60-minute chemical peels, $60-$120.
For those running outdoors or walking their dogs in the dead cold: Lots of sunscreen—people forget that in the winter. My favorite is the Obagie Nuderm Physical Sunblock. Available at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, $44

Kindiss Stiller, Juut Salonspa

Master Colorist Kindiss Stiller has been working the trenches of Juut Salonspa for twenty years providing clients with an assortment of hair services—though she’s practically famous for her knockout work with highlights and color. Previously Stiller trained at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. In other words, she’s more than an expert on hair—she’s an expert on all things Aveda au naturale.
How to stop dry, brittle flyaway hair: Try our Botanical Therapy Treatment. It’s a deep conditioning treatment, which adds moisture to the hair to combat all those flyaways. A gloss can also help—it closes the cuticle so hair looks shinier and healthier. Botanical Therapy Treatment, $20; Gloss treatments, $20 as an add-on with any color service
Hot new products to use at home: Any leave-in conditioner will help with that frizziness. We have a Glossing Straightener and a Daily Hair Repair. And then we have a new leave-in conditioner called Color Conserve Daily Color Protect, which also helps your color last longer—up to six weeks. All products $21-$24 at Juut Salon-Spas