Painless Pulse Light Hair Removal

We test the painless hair removal treatment at The Metropolitan

Guinea Pig: Emily Howald

The Scoop Summer is finally here, and in anticipation of endless days in tank tops and swimsuits, I decided to give laser hair removal a try. Having been burned—literally—by a laser hair removal treatment in the past, I was tentative about getting zapped by the light once again.

The service My first priority was finding a pain-free provider. The Metropolitan offers a new Advanced Fluorescent Technology Pulse Light Hair Removal Treatment, which promises a painless experience. I entered the wellness center and explained my reservations to Gail Miller, the RN working the laser. She assured me it wouldn’t even smart—most laser treatments are comparable to the snap of a rubber band—but I was still skeptical. Miller first applied an ultrasound gel to my underarms, which helps keep the area cool while the laser, which vaguely resembles the end of a fabric steamer, works its magic. She explained that I’d see a flash of light, despite my protective eyewear, and that beam is converted to heat and transmitted through my hair follicles. The heat ultimately destroys each follicle and prohibits regrowth, all without causing any damage to my skin. I braced for the worst, but when she ran the laser over my underarm for three 30-second intervals, all I felt was the cool casing. And we were finished in less than 10 minutes.

Our Take I kept waiting for it to get uncomfortable, but the pain never came. And after two weeks there’s been little to no regrowth. To say I am pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

Small Print $600 for a package of five treatments. 7300 France Ave. S., Ste. 300, Edina, 952-288-2230,