Must-Have Skin Care

  • “Make-up should be considered an extension of your skin care routine. I highly recommend Colorescience make-up, which has anti-aging, hydrating, and protective qualities.”
  • “My new ‘must-have’ is Lytera, a skin brightener by SkinMedica that just hit the shelves in January. It’s hydroquinone-free, and it’s packed with antioxidants. Backed by solid clinical evidence, Lytera lightens brown spots and areas of pigmentation, has mild exfoliation benefits, and is suitable for all skin types.”
  • “I also like Revision’s Teamine Concealer, which masks raccoon eyes nicely and helps improve dark and/or puffy areas around the eye.”
  • iS CLINICAL Active Serum is a terrific multitasker. It helps fight aging skin, but it’s also great for problematic or acneic skin. iS CLINICAL’s Pro-Heal Serum is our most nourishing serum. It’s ideal for soothing insect bites and some cases of dermatitis.”
  • “I really like Obagi CLENZIderm for people with acne-prone skin. It’s the only prescription-strength acne treatment that contains 5 percent benzoyl peroxide (BPO) with a microsponge delivery system, which allows for a slow penetration of the product all day long, causing much less irritation than other BPO systems.”
  • Obagi Medical Nu-Derm Sun Shield Broad Spectrum “This sunscreen offers great sun protection while feeling very lightweight in texture.”
  • SkinCeuticals Retinol Night Cream “Many people can’t tolerate a prescription retinoid, and this product allows patients with more sensitive skin to reap the benefits of a retinoid without the irritation.”
  • Bio-Serum NEOCUTIS Swiss Technology “Bio-Serum is very popular with our patients for its bio-identical growth factor and its anti-aging properties.”
  • iS CLINICAL Youth Eye Complex and iS CLINICAL Youth Complex “Our patients like iS CLINICAL Youth Eye Complex because of its immediate smoothing and hydrating effects, as well as its long-term firming effect.”
  • St. James Anti-Aging Care Products “Illumination Eye Renewal System is one of our best sellers. This regenerating system brightens, smooths, and firms the tissue around the eye area, creating a more refreshed, youthful appearance.”
  • St. James Anti-Redness/Rosacea Care Products “Clear Radiance is an exfoliating and brightening pad that improves acne conditions, hyperpigmentation, and the redness that blemishes leave behind.”
  • Revision Intellishade “This advanced broad-spectrum sunscreen is tinted, so it can be worn with or without foundation. It provides potent antioxidant activity and a high concentration of green tea extracts to absorb free radicals.”
  • “Originally developed by diabetes researchers, MEG 21 is a great moisturizer and preventative anti-aging cream that reduces glycosylation and damage to collagen and elastin.”
  • NeoStrata SkinActive “This is the most simple, beneficial, and complete skin care line for anti-aging, containing virtually every proven anti-aging ingredient. If I were stranded on a desert island, these are the products I couldn’t live without.”
  • Nectifirm “Designed specifically for hard-to-treat neck ‘crepe-iness,’ this unique cream contains potent green tea antioxidants to plump and reduce appearance of neck wrinkles.”

Looking for new ways to take care of your skin? We asked four local cosmetic surgeons 
and dermatologists to share the newest and most innovative medical-grade products.