Minx Nails

Flexible polymer stickers have been added to the manicure menu, allowing nails to sport patterns, chrome-finish metallic, and photorealistic art.

painted nails

Guinea Pig: Nina Holmberg

Service: Minx Nail Manicure, a product that allows nails to sport photorealistic art, intricate patterns, and chrome-finish metallic. Like a traditional manicure, the service starts with a buff and file. Then, flexible polymer stickers are applied under a heat lamp, making them elastic and adhesive. Once cool, the stickers are trimmed to the shape of the nails. The service takes about as long as a normal manicure, but the lack of dry time (the decals boast a near-instant set) had me hopping out of the chair and heading out the door mere minutes after the manicurist was finished—no careful contortions required.

Our Take: My manicure positively glowed, and it attracted many compliments. Instead of chipping, the decals started to peel a bit at the tips, but a quick touch-up job with a hair dryer kept them looking good for more than a week. Because of the boldness of the prints and colors, Minx is best on shorter nails, resulting in a look that is stylish but
not gaudy.

Small Print: Manicure ($55) and pedicure ($85) at East 42nd Street Salon, 4805 Nicollet Ave., Mpls., 612-729-4415,