Looking Good, Naturally

Cucumber Jojoba bead exfoliating scrub
Stephanie Colgan

When Kevin Olson launched Galen Labs last year, local tastemakers had an instant connection with his sophisticated packaging and the  luxurious Shea butter within. Inspired by Claudius Galen (a second-century Greek herbalist and physician credited with creating the first cold cream), the products are all natural, free of synthetic fragrances, and manufactured in Buffalo, Minnesota. Now Olson has introduced Dead Sea salt bath soaks and body scrubs, gentle cleansers and hydrosols, and facial serums
and oils to his line. 

So, with winter about to knock on our doors, we asked Olson for three must-have products to help get our bodies through the season:

1. Soothe and heal dry skin, prevent premature aging, and ward off sun damage with the signature Shea Cream ($32–$34).

2. Packed with essential fatty acids, XII Element Serum ($32)soothes, hydrates, and promotes more youthful-looking skin.  

3. Remove dead skin cells without drying out skin with the Cucumber Jojoba Bead exfoliating scrub ($34).