Hunger For Braids

Three Twin Cities salons show us how it’s done.

  • Photographs by Katherine Harris
    JUUT Salonspa: Cocktail Braid
    Stylist: Creative Director Joel Gunderson
    Who can wear it? This style is ageless.
    Braids start at $40.
    Tip: To tame stray hairs, take a toothbrush (designated just for this) and spray it with hairspray. Brush the hairs down and they’ll stay in place.
  • Photographs by Katherine Harris
    Jon Charles Salon: Brit Braid
    Stylist: Carina Redmond
    Who can wear it? It’s best for women in their 20s.
    Braids start at $20.
    Tip: For a more sophisticated look, try looser braids.
  • Photographs by Katherine Harris
    LifeSpa: Fishtail
    Stylist: Jaelyn Senescall
    Who can wear it? Women in their 30s or younger.
    Braids start at $25.
    Tip: Fishtail braids can be left tight, or you can pull on random strands for a messier, lived-in look. Don’t try to braid a fishtail loose or it won’t work.

Move over, Katniss Everdeen. The girl on fire from this year’s blockbuster The Hunger Games may have sparked a resurgence of braids, but stylists are twisting up elaborate styles that go way beyond the ones worn by our favorite heroine. YouTube and Pinterest have made it easier than ever to learn the step-by-step of different braids. Still, some are too intricate to pull off on your own. Three Twin Cities salons show us how it’s done.

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