Finding Beauty at Any Age

Insights from local experts on achievable beauty at any age.

Finding  Beauty at Any Age

The 30s

Mary Gail Hall

Hair changes as you age,
and the changes are different for everybody. Hair
can lose its natural pigment, become increasingly dry, and even change texture, becoming coarser
or curly in areas that were straight before. To identify any changes, wash your hair with a regular moisturizing shampoo, give yourself these two easy tests, and then consult your stylist for specific recommendations.
• Elasticity test: Wrap a strand of hair around your finger, then pull it between another finger and thumb. If the hair snaps easily, you could benefit from additional nourishment and protein.
• Moisture test: Grab a quarter-sized bunch of hair. With your fingers, backcomb it from the ends to the scalp. If the hair tangles easily, your hair could benefit from more moisture.
Mary Gail Hall

Elizabeth Dehn

This is when skin cell regeneration slows down, leading to dull, uneven skin tone, and past damage starts to appear in the form of fine lines and sun spots. Use an anti-ager at night—I like Arcona The Solution from Spot Spa in Minneapolis, which reverses sun damage, smoothes fine lines, and provides deep exfoliation. Several times a week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, use an at-home peel such as Kate Somerville ExfoliKate from Sephora. If you can swing it, invest in monthly facials. A good aesthetician will set you on a path to your best possible complexion.
Mary Gail Hall


Woody  Theis

For the skin, the best place to start is with great skin care. I love Aveda’s Green Science line because all the ingredients are naturally derived and organic whenever possible. The three main ingredients are Moroccan argan oil, which hydrates the skin; peptides that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines; and organic cactus to boost collagen production.
Mary Gail Hall

Mary Flaa

No matter what your age or the time of year, use sunblock every day. Update your skin-care and beauty routine every few years to accommodate changes in your skin, cover gray hairs as they appear, and whiten your teeth. As part of your makeup routine, use concealer in the inner corners under your eyes to minimize shadows and avoid heavy eyeliner all around the eyes. Use lip gloss or a light shade of lipstick, a peachy-pink blush on the apples of your cheek, and a hint of shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes
and cheekbones.
Mary Gail Hall

Pat Scherven

During your 30s, it’s time to pay attention to the needs of your skin. Being proactive and having a good skin-care regimen is essential to maintaining the healthiest skin possible. Use a rich  body lotion daily and reach for a moisturizer with vitamin C and peptides for nourishment, such as LL Regeneration Night Cream by Annemarie Borlind. In addition to using a daily sunscreen with zinc or titanium oxide and wearing protective clothing, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes dark green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, light proteins, and plenty of water.
Mary Gail Hall