Brow Threading

We check out the ancient yet gentle art of brow threading at Blink

Guinea Pig: Elizabeth Doyle

The Scoop: Tired of being burned (pun intended) by waxing and the pain from tweezing, I sought out a local beauty boutique that specializes in brow threading, an ancient (and gentle) grooming technique.

The Procedure: Following a brief consultation, brow guru Christina Snead talked me through the process. The technique is simple: Using 100 percent cotton thread, the brow technician secures one end in her teeth and then loops the thread several times to create a lasso effect. The lasso then glides over the skin—like a little zipper—grabbing hair and pulling it out by the follicle.

Our Take: During the nearly pain-free process, the technician defined my arch while keeping my brow full. After all, says Snead, a full brow is a youthful brow. With minimal skin irritation, this technique is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin or uses Retin-A products.

Small Print: $30, by appointment only. Blink, 700 Washington Ave. N., Mpls., 612-338-5211,