A New Hue

dpHue elevates the home hair color experience

In a hotel ballroom packed with 500 charity donors dressed to the nines, Donna Pohlad fixated on hair. Rather, hair color, since by her estimation there was barely a natural head in the crowd. The wife of Minnesota Twins CEO Jim Pohlad could only assume every blond, brunette, and redhead had either purchased a drug store dye kit or paid top dollar for salon treatment. She saw opportunity in the middle.

Enter dpHue, a new concept in home hair color. Get a free color consult with a licensed salon professional trained by the esteemed Pamela Cruz of Bella Salon—no appointment necessary. The dpHue pros can answer all the questions you don’t get from the typical box of color: finding the most flattering shade, preserving highlights while touching up roots, sectioning hair before application. Walk out armed with confidence and a custom blend salon-grade color kit, starting at $38.

“There are not a lot of new concepts in retail. When I heard Donna’s idea, I had that moment of, ‘Oh my gosh—it’s a solution,’” says Pohlad’s partner, dpHue’s president and chief operating officer Brenda Boehler, who brings decades of retail experience with Target, Fingerhut, and ShopNBC.

They chose Maple Grove because their research showed consumers there spend a premium on salon visits and products. dpHue’s polished space on Main Street looks like a cross between a store and a salon. There are sleek white sinks, stools, and big mirrors for consults and coloring parties (ask about scheduling one after hours). Along the wall is a curated assortment of trendy hair products such as Moroccan Oil and Living Proof as well as dpHue’s own line of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, plus capes and mixing bowls for mess-free coloring at home.

Pohlad and Boehler are confident they’ve created an environment, and products, that will appeal to everyone from teens to grandparents—even those on the charity ball circuit. “Hair color,” says Pohlad, “is a great accessory.” 7808 Main St., Maple Grove, 763-447-4727,