Sushi Tango

Tango is the type of place you go to meet people, a place where people know the chefs and servers by their first name and play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with JD behind the bar. Once you sidle up for sushi, you’re automatically BFF with the rollicking chefs wielding shots along with the sashimi. Led by owner Teng “Tengo” Thao, the Sushi Tango crowd trends toward younger, hipper couples and groups grabbing a bite before or after hitting some other Uptown spots. For first timers, ordering a Demon Releaser (saki, quail egg, and an oyster) is the Asian equivalent to ziggy, zaggy, ziggy, zaggy, oi, oi, oi—and after taking down the shot, newbies have been know to, well, release a few demons before buying a batch for their unsuspecting neighbors.


Features: Happy Hour, Late-night Eats

Neighborhood(s): Uptown