Kitty Cat Klub

Kitty Cat Klub
Dinkytown is synonymous with beer specials and wings, not hip, sprawling lounges, the likes of which you really only see when venturing as far west as the sea. So when you're at Kitty Cat, order a Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale, a twenty-two-ounce Sapporo, or a PBR in a can, along with an infamous burger—imported from the upstairs Annie's Parlor—and take note of the bohemia-meets-Montmarte décor, with dusty framed paintings, mobile lighting, and exposed stone infrastructure. You'll be equally taken in by the groove of the interconnecting spaces as by the connection going on between bohemian college kids soaking up the free Wi-Fi and BMW-driving boomers scattered about in singles, pairs, and groups. And when the live music—based on the night, it could be jazz, acoustic, rock, electronic, even rockabilly—begins on the café stage nightly, take a cue, kick back, and try a Delirium Tremens or Chimay for a change of beer pace.


Features: DJ, Happy Hour, Live Music

Neighborhood(s): U of M Vicinity