Clubhouse Jäger

Clubhouse Jäger

Jäger is a much-needed neighborhood pub for all those condo owners in the North Loop. It's not a restaurant, or a dive like Cuzzy’s, or a roadhouse like Bunker’s. It’s a nice, classy pub where grownups can order a cocktail and enjoy quiet conversation surrounded by a tasteful amount of wood and glass. Seems simple, but it’s something many neighborhoods in our city are sorely lacking. And although Jäger sells plenty of the black German ick-meister, it turns out the place isn’t named after the stuff. Which is good, because we already have plenty of places where the bartender knows his way around a Jäg–bomb, but we have far too few Jägers.

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Features: Happy Hour, Late-night Eats

Neighborhood(s): Minneapolis, North Loop