Club Underground at the Spring Street Tavern

Club Underground
Club Underground might be off of Northeast’s main drags, but the place seems to prefer it that way. If it were too easy to find, after all, it wouldn’t be very underground, would it? Connected with the Spring Street Tavern and located at the corner of Monroe Street and Spring Street, the nondescript building in which it hides only enhances its aura of eclectic iconoclasm. And don’t feel bad if you feel out of step with the crowd, because this is a crowd that prides itself on being out of step. All manner of alternative lifestyles and aesthetic sensibilities are welcome here, and DJs and bands play most every night, often sharing the same stage.  If you’re into rockabilly, house, punk, or drum and bass, and are haunted by a vague feeling that you don’t quite fit in anywhere else, chances are you’ll feel slightly less alienated here.


Features: Dance Club, Live Music

Neighborhood(s): Northeast