Bradstreet Crafthouse

Bradstreet Crafthouse
Located in a dark room on the first floor of the Graves Hotel, Bradstreet specializes in truly classic cocktails, as well as dozens of creations you won't find anywhere else, because Bradstreet's bartenders (ahem, mixologists) made them up. In many cases, they also invented the ingredients that go into the drinks (custom syrups, bitters, spiced liqueurs, etc.). There are four distinct seating areas in the bar to accommodate just about any mood. Try a Black Walnut Old-Fashioned made from in-house bitters and specially developed syrup. Then lean back and enjoy the cozy, classy surroundings. quality drink in hand and order up a few items from the inventive menu of sandwiches, sliders, and gourmet appetizers. It's hard to go wrong here, so enjoy.

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Features: Late-night Eats

Neighborhood(s): Downtown Minneapolis

Happy Hour: No, but wine pours start at $3 and nothing in the place is over $10, so every hour is happy hour.