7th Street Entry

A line outside 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis
Photo by Stephanie Colgan

Some of the most influential and revered bands of all time have rocked the stage at the Entry—before hitting it big. With that in mind, any show at First Avenue’s minor-league stage has the possibility to turn into tomorrow’s lore. Other than the chance at witnessing history in the making, the Entry is the quintessential box where local and national acts cut their teeth in a club the size of a walk-in closet. The scene can be physically uncomfortable or inspiringly intimate, depending on why you’re sweating and who you’re sweating next to. But there are those special nights, when that band you’ve never heard of kicks into high gear and the roof starts to levitate, and you suddenly feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself—because you’ve stumbled on the Next Big Thing before anyone else, and can’t wait to tell the world about it. Just being able to say, “I saw these guys at the Entry,” will give you street cred for a year.


Features: Dance Club, DJ, Happy Hour, Live Music

Neighborhood(s): Downtown Minneapolis