The Great Minnesota Bucket List: Woodsy Weekends

Load up on bug spray, bait, and bungee cords, lash the canoe to the car roof, and head into the wild.

Get to Know Grand Marais

Grand Grand

Grand Marais, as the name suggests, is a “big swamp” of culture and creativity. Whether you use the charming town as an amuse-bouche before your trip through the BWCAW or as a reward for trekking the Gunflint Trail—or both—you’ll find plenty to amuse and restore yourself.

Highlights include the world’s best donuts at (where else?) World’s Best Donuts, live music and microbrews at the Gun Flint Tavern , pizza at Sven and Ole’s, and a locavore’s feast at the Angry Trout CafĂ©.

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