The Great Minnesota Bucket List: Woodsy Weekends

Load up on bug spray, bait, and bungee cords, lash the canoe to the car roof, and head into the wild.

Dive In

Quarry Park in St. Cloud
The Boundary Waters isn’t the only Minnesota getaway that offers extreme outdoor adventure. Quarry Park in St. Cloud, featuring the remains of almost two dozen St. Cloud Red Granite quarries, presents thrilling surprises as you explore one quarry and then the next. From rock climbing to scuba diving, mountain biking to hiking, outdoor enthusiasts can live dangerously in the 680-acre section of postindustrial landscape transformed into a public park.

The most popular quarry, the swimming quarry, allows visitors to dive from the rock ledges into clear water that’s as deep as 116 feet in places. With no lifeguard on duty, you swim, dive, climb, and hike at your own risk—but trust us, the view alone makes it well worth it.


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