The Great Minnesota Bucket List: Woodsy Weekends

Load up on bug spray, bait, and bungee cords, lash the canoe to the car roof, and head into the wild.

Test Your Boundaries

carrying a canoe through the BWCA
When National Geographic Traveler included the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in its “50 Places of a Lifetime” issue, we couldn’t help but smile smugly. As part of our birthright, we’ve inherited 1.1 million acres of pure wilderness and more than 1,000 pristine lakes, adjacent to another million-plus acres on the Canadian side.

For minimum exposure to tourists and mosquitoes, and maximum exposure to fish, visit between mid-August and September. Be sure to enlist a local outfitter, who can help you plan your trip, secure permits, arrange transportation, and provide all the requisite niceties and necessities.


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