Ultimate Getaway Guide: Walks

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.

Clemens Gardens

New Ulm

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Hermann the German. The 102-foot Teutonic war hero is a symbol of German American pride that has towered over this “Little Bavaria” since 1897. Cast in copper and standing atop an ornate pedestal, he can’t be missed. hermannmonument.com

Brown County Historical Society. Another homage to German heritage, this 1910 building was originally built as a post office in a highly decorative Renaissance style that was popular in the motherland at the time. The exterior has a distinct two-toned look, thanks to the alternating red brick and terra cotta. Snack break: Stop by nearby Lola’s Larkspur Market for a sandwich, an espresso drink, or a pastry. browncountyhistorymn.org , lolaslarkspurmarket.com

Glockenspiel. Think kitsch: This hybridized clock and bell tower features cuckoo clock–style woodcarvings depicting local stereotypes. Then again, think music: The chimes of the glockenspiel are mesmerizing. Finally, think lunch: Grab a Wiener schnitzel or some ribs (the house specialty) from nearby Veigel’s Kaiserhoff. newulmweb.com, kaiserhoff.org

Religious interlude. Walk the Stations of the Cross, a series of 14 artistic depictions of Christ and his crucifixion. Built in the Catholic tradition, the New Ulm version features Bavarian-imported statuary, which were installed into this quiet, tree-covered hillside by local religious leaders in 1904. dnu.org

Wanda Gag house. Members of the Gag family were considered town eccentrics in the early 1900s. Daughter Wanda eventually channeled her quirks into the famous illustrated children’s book Millions of Cats, but the family patriarch (Anton Gag) was also artistic. The house now functions as a museum for Wanda and Anton’s artworks. wandagaghouse.org

August Schell Brewery. Visit the oldest brewery in Minnesota, a scenic site boasting formal gardens and resident peacocks— plus brewery tours and tastings aplenty. schellsbrewery.com


Timothy McCarthy Building. Built in 1884, this Italianate storefront is the prettiest structure in town because its colorful fa├žade was originally designed to tout the services of a granite and marble company. faribaulthpc.org

Wolf Building. Another fine example of Italianate architecture, this 1878 storefront features an ornate cornice and window hoods, plus an appealingly earthy palette. Lunchtime: Head for nearby Lyons Meats for a grinder or a barbecue pork sandwich. lyonsmeatsmn.com

Union Block. This newly restored Victorian storefront on Central Avenue is notable for its rich patterns of stonework. Snack break: Try house-made fudge or a scoop of ice cream from Sweet Spot Candies across the street. sweetspotcandies.net

Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour. Completed in 1869, this Gothic Revival cathedral was the vision of Bishop Henry Whipple, a leader in the Episcopal Church and an important figure in Minnesota history. Learn more about the cathedral’s long and storied past by downloading the Faribault walking tour at faribaulthpc.org. thecathedralfaribault.com

Buckham Memorial Library. Dedicated in 1930, this impressive Art Deco building was built, perhaps out of guilt, by a well-connected local widow who had left her wealthy husband many years prior. Duck inside to admire all the Greek-themed murals and stained-glass windows. www.faribault.org/library

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. What a comeback! Faribault’s iconic blanket factory was resurrected in 2011, with its high-end products quickly earning accolades from style gurus nationwide. Drop by the factory’s newly opened retail shop and see firsthand what all the fuss is about. faribaultmill.com


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