Ten Thousand Things' The Music Man

Music Man
Luverne Seifert as Harold Hill

The Music Man might seem an off choice for Ten Thousand Things, whose mission is to bring theater to homeless shelters, prisons, low-income housing, and community centers. But director Lear deBessonet calls it “the perfect Ten Thousand Things show. It has humor, wit, and great songs. And it depicts the kind of hard-won redemption that we all have to go through.”

As she describes the show: “Harold Hill is a con artist who behaves badly. He deceives old women and kids. Marian’s father died and left her as the primary protector of her mother and brother. She had to be tough to survive. These are two flawed people who find love.”

This production promises to be a darker take on the musical. “What did Hill go through in his past to make him the con he is? We’re going to explore that in rehearsal.” But the light and dark will coexist. “In forgiveness, the whole community is transformed,” she insists. Feb. 14–March 9. Open Book, 1011 Washington Ave. S., Mpls., 612-203-9502,