Harmonized Crime

A popular musical dramatizing St. Paul’s gangster days returns to the History Theatre.

capital crime: the st. paul gangster musical
The History Theatre is reviving one of its solid hits, Capital Crimes: The St. Paul Gangster Musical, which premiered in 2000 with a script by David Hawley and songs by Drew Jansen. This is exactly what History Theatre does best: exploring an exciting period in Minnesota’s past—in this case, the 1930s, when St. Paul was a haven for organized crime—in a light and entertaining way.

Many of the songs are tongue in cheek, such as the big dance number “Highfalutin’ Hijinks Are Happening Here at the Hollyhocks” (an actual speakeasy). But it’s not all fun and games. “Darker things happen,” says Jansen. “People get killed. And when Ma Barker dies, J. Edgar Hoover has her redressed, reimagining her to make the death of an old woman more palatable.” April 21–May 20.

History Theatre
30 E. 10th St., St. Paul