Lisa D’Amour’s lauded Detroit is an uneasy snapshot of life in the suburbs.

Detroit at Jungle Theater
Courtesy Jungle Theater

Playwright Lisa D’Amour became a fixture in the Twin Cities theater scene from the late 1990s to the early 2000s when she was a Jerome Fellow at The Playwright’s Center. And now her award-winning play, Detroit, opens this month at the Jungle Theater.

Set in a backyard in an unnamed American suburb, Detroit shows us two middle-class couples, neighbors, sharing a barbecue. The evening veers out of control in part because of the “economic anxiety” of their lives, as D’Amour describes it. “The location is not actually Detroit, but it is the narrative of Detroit,” she says.

The play premiered at Steppenwolf in Chicago in 2010 and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. After a production in London, it ran off-Broadway in 2012 and won an Obie Award for best new American play in 2013. “When it opened in New York in 2012, I worried that it would have lost its relevancy. Sadly, it hasn’t.” April 11–May 25. Jungle Theater,