Coming Clean

In Dirt Sticks, nothing is right until the truth comes out.

Dirt Sticks by Ten Thousand Things
Coutesy of Ten Thousand Things

This month, Ten Thousand Things presents Dirt Sticks, a new tale from playwright Kira Obolensky, whose 2012 hit Vasa Lisa was based on a traditional Russian folktale. “This one is not an adaptation of anything in particular,” she says, “though it’s inspired by a lot of old English and Appalachian ballad songs.” During the four days when the moon is at its biggest (a perigee moon), a peddler comes to a hardscrabble town selling glimpses of the past and visions of the future. “If this were a movie, the tagline would be ‘The dead don’t rest with an untold story,’” Obolensky says. “When something is untold or is lied about, it sends tendrils into the present and it has to be heard.”

The play is a dark comedy, but it’s also joyous. “It tells how untold stories haunt us and shows people reinventing their lives and breaking free.” May 9–June 1. Open Book, 1011 Washington Ave. S., Mpls., 612-203-9502,