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In the Moving Company’s For Sale, the audience is the customer.

Woman leaning on bus stop bench. Bench has ad for Moving Company.

In The Moving Company’s new experiential-theater creation, For Sale, the Lab Theater in Minneapolis becomes an abandoned warehouse that’s on the market. The audience enters as attendees at an open house held by a realtor (Luverne Seifert), his assistant (Sarah Agnew), and a technician (Nathan Keepers) who knows everything about the building.

In this experimental funhouse, the audience begins on its feet, taking a tour of the building. Even when seated, they remain a part of the action, as customers looking to buy the property. “It’s about what we take for granted, what we tear down, the history that we ignore,” says director Keepers. But he insists that the show’s primary goal is to be “a lot of fun. We want the audience to walk away with sheer pleasure at the performance.” Nov. 1–24. Lab Theater, 700 N. 1st St., Mpls., 612-333-7977,