Walks of Life: Meghan Gustafson

Special Events Coordinator for The Basilica of St. Mary and The Basilica landmark.

Photo by Becca Sabot

“In one day, I may have to haul boxes, put together a floral arrangement, or meet with a potential Block Party sponsor. I need a versatile shoe that represents my personality.”

Shoe | INC International Concepts Sandal from Macy’s

Sweet Success: Last year was our first double sellout for the Basilica Block Party. We’d never done that before. To sell out both nights is pretty amazing. That was probably the most rewarding moment of my entire career.

New Duds: I always buy a new pair of sunglasses and a new pair of shoes for the block party. You always need a good pair of sunglasses because it’s always sunny, and you always need a good pair of sandals because it’s always warm. The easiest way to stay cool is with sandals.

Group Effort: The band lineup is the most difficult part. I don’t think the average person knows what it takes to put together a lineup that sells 16,500 tickets per night. You can do your research, but a lot of it comes down to a gut feeling.

Tradition: Every year, we go and stand on top of the Minneapolis Community & Technical College parking ramp and watch the gates open. You see all these people flooding down 16th Street, and that one moment makes your work all worth it.