Walks of Life: Bob McEnany

Bob McEnany's shoes
Photo by Brent Dundore

This month, we're walking (biking?) a mile in Bob McEnany's shoes. McEnaney is founder of Ride for a Reason, whose members bike for good causes.

True test:Race Across America is regarded as the hardest endurance event in the world. It’s roughly 3,000 miles from Oceanside, California, to Annapolis, Maryland, and you have 12 days or less to complete it. The clock is always running; you’ve basically got to be riding your bike the entire time.”

Years of preparation: “I qualified for RAAM two years ago, so I’ve been training since then. It’s an accumulation of years and years of training and practice and effort.”

He’s got a reason to ride: “Each year, members of Ride for a Reason will raise money for a charity or charities. This year, I’m fundraising for the Minnesota Military Family Foundation. I’m using Race Across America to kick off the charity fundraising.”

Big hairy audacious goal: “I hope to inspire people, regardless of age or what they’ve done, to get out there and set a huge, possibly crazy, goal and prove that they can do it.”