Walks of Life: Abby Hoeschler

Champion logroller and president of Key Log Rolling, which makes synthetic logs

Abby Hoeschler's feet on a rolling log

SHOES: New Balance Minimus

Logroll basics:
“You always have to keep your feet moving fast. One misstep and you’re done—so you are in major fight-or-flight mode.”

Soft landings:
“Falling is the first thing I talk to people about. Logrolling is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. It does feel sort of scary! But once you do it and fall off, you realize you’re only falling into the water.”

“I started wearing them last year. They don’t add a lot of extra weight to the log, and they drain water well.”

Synthetic logs:
“We couldn’t ship raw cedar outside of the United States. If this sport was ever going to grow, we needed to come up with a synthetic option. Our really big goal is for logrolling to be in the Olympics.”

A champ:
“Boom running is where you sprint across a chain of logs tied end to end. I hold the world record for fastest time.”