Unstoppable Amy

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is arguably one of the most powerful women in the Senate. How does she keep it real?

Senator Amy Klobuchar

With her reelection in November almost certain,
Senator Amy Klobuchar is poised to become
one of the most powerful women in the Senate.
And she makes a mean hot dish.

By Brian Lambert

Unstoppable Amy

Amy Klobuchar works a Main Street cafĂ© a lot harder than anyone else in Minnesota politics thinks is necessary. In Bemidji, at the center table in Raphael’s Bakery—home of “gr8buns”—Klobuchar has stopped by, for the second time this freakishly warm January morning, to chat with a handful of good-natured Rotarians and log an interview with longtime Bemidji Pioneer politics editor and columnist Brad Swenson.

The highly dysfunctional U.S. Congress, with approval ratings cratering into the single digits, is a couple of weeks from returning to what it still shamelessly calls “the people’s business.” Klobuchar, 52, buoyed by a popularity most politicians would sell their mothers to enjoy, is on a multi-day tour across the Iron Range. “We call it the ‘Made in Minnesota’ tour,” she says, before stopping at tables and booths to introduce herself, compliment parents on their adorable children, and crack a joke, which she does with the ease of a small-town mayor. Her “Made in Minnesota” shtick is a reference to later stops at companies in Grand Rapids and Duluth that are not only manufacturing stuff but also hiring people to do the work.