Q&A With Suzanne Erickson

Owner of Jungle Red Salon Spa Gallery, as seen on Bravo's "Tabatha Takes Over."

Q&A With Suzanne Erickson
Photo by Ashley Miller

Big dreams: “I used to take the bus downtown and get my hair done. I thought
my hairstylist was so cool. I knew immediately as soon as I graduated from high school that I was go-ing to cosmetology school.”  

Namesake: “Jungle Red came from the classic 1930s film The Women. These women went to a salon and got their nails polished ‘Jungle Red,’ but whenever they said the name, it was always loud and funny.”

Standing out: “This space used to be a car wash in the 1960s. I don’t think people expect this fun NYC-style loft space.”

Troubles on TV: “I think that me showing that it’s not always a bed of roses will benefit other people. You really just have to put it all out there. If they’re going to help you, you’re going to have to lay yourself out on the line.

Tabatha’s takeover: “Tabatha sincerely cares about making a difference. She was very in-your-face and harsh, but she wanted to see us succeed.”

Residual benefits: “[Bravo] gave us great resources. WomenVenture made us focus with a business plan. They gave [my daughter] Kari lessons to become a yoga instructor.”

Giving back: “We do a lot of fundraising for different charities and fashion shows. Some people think they can’t make a difference, but any little thing they can do for the community helps.”