Twin Cities Children Crying on Santa’s Lap

Nothing warms the cockles of JuiceBox’s heart more than this terrifying holiday tradition.

  • Alexis (age 2) at Macy’s 8th Floor this year—where Santa’s comfort is meaningless. From mom Erica Stavig of Andover.
  • Hayden (age 2) and Hunter (age 1) at Macy’s 8th Floor last year. “This was the best photo we were able to get that day,” mom Melissa Smith of Elk River says.
  • Erlend (age 2), at Macy’s 8th Floor last year. “This was close as he would get to him,” dad Scott Stulen of Minneapolis says.
  • Cousins Ryan (left) and Brecken, ages 5 months and 3 months, in Rapid City, S.D. in 2006. “I'm not sure who was less jolly—Santa or the babies,” mom/auntie Kristen Winegar of Lakeland says. Guess that’s how Santa rolls in Rapid City.
  • Mom Rebecca Sorenson of Edina let Maggie (age 2) wear her Elmo slippers to get her four kids to Southdale Mall. “I handed them all over to Santa and breathed a sigh of relief that they were in someone else's lap!” she says. Baby Johnny (11 mo) seems to know something twins Annabell and Luke (age 8) don’t.
  • We have no idea what this Bachman’s Santa whispered in the ear of Tess (18 mo) in 2004, but our guess is it was cold as ice. “She was outgoing, friendly, and chatty in all other social situations,” mom Wendy Helgeson of Minneapolis says.
  • Quinn (17 mo) hates everyone and his nickname is 'the Yeller'," mom Sara Carlson of Minneapolis says. Exhibit A: Santa at Macy's, 2013.
  • Santa joins the freak-out with cousins Juliet and Max (both age1) at Ridgedale Mall in 2012. From Max’s mom Jessica Hilden of Robbinsdale.
  • Same kids, same place, one year later. And the legacy continues…