Nicholas “The Feelin” Mrozinski


Nicholas “The Feelin” Mrozinski
Travis Anderson

A former member of the White Iron Band, Nicholas “The Feelin” Mrozinski is a local singer/songwriter/pianist whose new CD, Together We’re Stronger, features artists from more than 40 different Twin Cities bands, including players from such storied local acts as The Big Wu, God Johnson, and Down Lo.


MUSICAL ROOTS: “I studied piano as a kid and played in lots of festivals and competitions,” Mrozinski says, “but always got points knocked off for adding stuff in my left hand.”

ON THE FEELIN: “I started my first band, Felix Feelin, when I was a sophomore in high school, and somewhere along the way people started calling me The Feelin. Because I sing with a lot of soul, I guess.”

ON RECORDING WITH FRIENDS: “Over the years, all these people had said, ‘Hey, we should record together sometime,’ so I just retraced my steps and looked for opportunities to get different players together. I wrote the songs, then I’d get these gifted musicians in the studio and just tell them to use their gift and play what they feel.”

ON THE NEW CD: “The new CD, Together We’re Stronger, is all over the map. I call it conscious soul music, but each song is its own little world, and there is movement from one tune to the other. One cool thing: I sampled my grandparents talking, so both of them are on the album.”

IPOD SHUFFLE: Neuoroacoustic composer Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, John Coltrane, the Ghost Busters soundtrack, Placido Domingo, Heatbox, Kronos Quartet.